Power Distribution is the newest Industry where Fintrade is rapidly developing.  We know that power distribution is a challenging and demanding task, affecting the development of the economy and quality of life (public benefit). That’s why Products, Systems, and Services of the latest technology are actually our priority. We are actually implementing important projects with various products as:


Prefabricated 20/0.4kV compact distribution substation, type Box and Mini Box, with all equipments installed such as:

  1. 2L+1T or 3L+1T, 20kV/630A SF6 switchgears
  2. 20/0.4kV distribution transformer
  3. Low voltage panel (Bus bars, MCCB, Current transformer, energy meter)
  4. Low voltage capacitor bank for power factor correction
  5. All interior installing such us, earthing system, lighting, ventilation

Metal – Clads for substations, 20kV, 2500A, 1250A or 630A. We can offer two types of metal – clads”:

  1. Metal – Clad SF6 gas insulated switchgear
  2. Metal – Clad with SF6 circuit breaker